Stencyl: Physics Platformer

This platformer demo was created in the Stencyl editor and was a project to create a game that focuses on a particular set of mechanics, in this case platforming with the use of physics.

With the mechanics inspired by 3D platformers, part of the work of this project was ensuring that they translated to a 2D game while still making sense. AS such, the principle of swinging across gaps with the momentum of the player was explored and became the basis for the project. In later stages the player has to deal with platforms that swing with their own momentum, and beyond that the player gets to power up their swings by using propulsion and fuel to reach greater heights with their swings.

This video is of the nine levels created in the game, where there are three stars to collect in each with the complexity of the mechanics designed to increase with each passing level.

Even with this piece being a short experiment for the sake of coursework, I found it much more enjoyable to play around with the sets of mechanics presented in order to build some slightly harder levels, like the last which revolves entirely around upwards momentum.


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