Stencyl: Space Shooter

This short demo was created in the Stencyl editor and was a project to create a game that shows gameplay elements of a specific genre, which was chosen as a space shooter.

This provided an opportunity to replicate ideas such as power-ups, different bullet and enemy types and the creation of auto-scrolling camera sections, which were the main aspects that the replication was focused on. The player has three types of bullet available to them, “Basic”, is a simple shot that disappears when colliding with an enemy, “Spread”, fires three of these bullets and, “Laser”, acts like a regular bullet in flight but can penetrate multiple enemies in a line before disappearing on collision with the edges of the screen.

The goal was to create situations where player would see the merit of a certain shot type in the side scrolling level and adapt to its use quickly as a short demo of the gameplay mechanics.


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