Unity C#: “Docks by Nightfall”

The goal of this piece of work was to plan a short level with a sequence of three obstacles or events that the player has to traverse in some way, often with a branching path available to them.

Other than the creation of a map in engine, a secondary goal was to properly record the ideas generated for the maps and narrative in a document so that other students would be able to understand what it was we wanted to produce.

Part of this took the form of maps which laid out the bounds of the level as well as the placement of the obstacles or puzzles deliberately put in the path of the player.

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The branching paths required two different resolutions for the player to proceed so for this gameplay it broke down simply to sections which could be beaten with or without combat. The wheel puzzle was a resolution to this, incorporating a simple version where the player controls each ring individually and then a more complex version which moves two rings with a single input. This was controlled via mouse, which was disabled for the sake of potentially getting in the way of the recording.

Sound also played a part in setting the scenes for the levels using some ambient effects. These also had to be included in the plan but only in rough estimates of the 3D sound volume.

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