Unity C#: Goon Raider

This short project was made in the Unity engine with C# scripting.

This is an extension done on previous work with concepts like 2D arrays, as well as an introduction to some more engine specific features such as colliders and the methods of instantiating objects, primitives and materials in code rather than setting everything up in the designer view of the program.

The goal of the project was to create a simple dungeon crawler that used and developed mechanics that had been worked on during the course of the term such as a point and click movement and combat system, a stealth system and basic enemy character behaviour. Other developed features include pickup items like coins or potions, resource pools like stamina and mana, and player skills that alter base statistics in some way,

While not entirely fleshed out, the idea of having branching paths and needing to avoid the same enemies from different directions while collecting loot or items required to progress was a welcome addition to the planning process.



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