Unity C#: Land Grab

This piece of work was aimed towards creating some dynamic gameplay using the UNET features for networked multiplayer.

The following video example is a client playing the game on a PC, connected to an Android user hosting.

The overall goal of the project was to create a simplistic land ownership game, where both players have to move around the map and make the most tiles blue. The tiles of their opponent are always red, regardless of which player is hosting.


The functionality of the Android build of the game is the same as the PC counterpart which was recorded, but with on-screen movement controls rather than using keyboard input.

Dynamic elements tested in this project included path-finding using the Unity NavMesh and it’s obstacle components, audio with the pitch and speed of the background music increasing as time ticks down, animation synced over the network to show movement or stunned states of the player, and lighting which shows which player is in the lead by pulsing gently on the floor of the area.

A planned extension of the project is to bring in the Vuforia project tools for Unity, and build an AR version of the project to be used as another show-reel piece in the future.


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