Skyrim CK Part 1: Laying the land/Introduction

In this series of posts, I aim to outline my processes and thoughts as I develop a quest mod for the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim using Bethesda’s mod tools.

The goal of this quest mod is to produce a quest of about 20 minutes in length which tasks the Dragonborn with delving into a mysterious Dwemer ruin on an island only accessible during certain months of the year thanks to the tides.

A group of Nordic mercenaries has lost a ship travelling past the previously uncharted cove, and the Dragonborn catches their next expedition to the island in the hopes of exploring the ruins off the coast of Skyrim.

The first stage of creating the mod was to create an exterior world space in the creation kit, and establish a piece of land that the mercenary ship could land on and recover the wreckage of the previous vessel.


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